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Marketing Automation – It’s More Than Just Programming

These days, everything is personal; our experiences on- and off-line are catered to our individual needs and interests. Sometimes it seems like all you do is think about something before relevant ads pop up everywhere you look. You might buy a product online and immediately get an email about a complimentary item. This is marketing […]

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Web Design with To The Point Marketing

I had just hiked out of the Andes mountains and hobbled into a small town in Peru. A local merchant suggested a competent professional massage and I headed east to find his shop. I walked into disarray and dust. It was a far-cry from the zen-like spas I had experienced in the States. The massage […]

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Mobile Marketing: Remember Your Fundamentals

More and more people are reading on the go,42% of all email marketingĀ is opened on a phone, so your email advertising better be ready to adapt to the smaller screen. This makes it even more important to remember your direct marketing basics: keep it simple, keep it short, and make it obvious. If you have […]