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Scoring Categories: Taking Your Pardot Scoring to the Next Level

Pardot scoring is no secret to its users. Scoring is a great tool for measuring how engaged your prospects are with your company and marketing efforts. Each time a prospect interacts with your website, emails, whitepapers, or any marketing asset, you can add to or subtract from their overall score.  However, Pardot offers a way […]

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Getting the Most out of Pardot: Evaluating Prospects

One of Pardot’s key functions is to evaluate and prioritize prospects. Pardot uses two main indicators to do this: score and grade. In layman’s terms, score evaluates how much a customer likes your company. A grade is the opposite: it estimates how much you’ll like a customer. To identify which customers will be a good […]

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To The Point Marketing Agency in Partnership Accord with Pardot

Exeter, N.H., Jan. 20, 2016 – To The Point Marketing Agency (TTPM) is now a Certified Agency Partner with Pardot, the leading marketing automation software provider, under a long-term partnership arrangement. TTPM, based in Exeter N.H., is a full-service marketing agency specializing in B2B data-driven digital strategies and solutions. Pardot, based in Atlanta, GA, is the cloud marketing […]