Nonprofit Marketing


Let nonprofit marketing experts help

We know that nonprofits are vital to our community.

Are you overwhelmed and frustrated by the ever-changing world of online marketing, unsure of how to utilize the Google Ad Grant, and on a budget? We understand! We successfully work with dozens of nonprofits and we find it to be some of our most rewarding work.

As nonprofit lovers and advertising experts, we are thrilled to see these two worlds come together. Just ask yourself, what could you do with an extra $10,000 a month in Google Ads advertising? Or perhaps you already have your grant set up, but feel it’s not producing the number of leads it should. Centrus is here to help!


Your mission is important. We use the most effective strategies to help you reach more people.

Maximize Impact

We have the experience to get the most out of your grant credit and the ingenuity to direct motivated consumers toward supporting your mission.

Nonprofit Experts

We successfully manage over $150,000/year in grant funding for more than a dozen nonprofit organizations of all scopes and sizes.


Keeping up with the Google Ads Grant compliance is tough. But, not too tough for us! We will handle all of the compliance requirements necessary to maintain your grant.

10k a month in grant advertisement.

We will help you apply for, maintain, and grow the impact of your Google Ad Grant – who are we to turn down up to $10,000/month in advertising credit? The compliance tends to be a headache, but worry not, we will manage that for you. After the nitty-gritty is sorted out, we can begin focusing on the fun stuff – your mission! Whether you’re looking to spread awareness, increase donations, or motivate volunteers, we will create and optimize specific campaigns to help you reach your goals.

There’s nothing wrong with free information!

We encourage you to contact us for more information about our services and discuss how we can help. Our team is responsive and can communicate through whichever channel works best for you.