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Getting the Most out of Pardot: Evaluating Prospects

One of Pardot’s key functions is to evaluate and prioritize prospects. Pardot uses two main indicators to do this: score and grade. In layman’s terms, score evaluates how much a customer likes your company. A grade is the opposite: it estimates how much you’ll like a customer. To identify which customers will be a good […]

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Data-Driven Marketing Is Driving More Revenues

Spending on data-driven marketing efforts is also going up Original article posted on eMarketer Marketers put more dollars behind their data-driven marketing efforts, and saw revenue gains, between Q1 and Q2 2016 in the US. According to August research, this upward track is expected to continue into Q3. In July 2016, Direct Marketing Association (DMA) […]

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Facebook Leads the Pack in Social Media

The verdict is in! Facebook and Pinterest earn the highest scores among marketers for the greatest return on investment on their respective advertising platforms. See the results below: Ad Execs Give Facebook Highest Grades For Social Ad Effectiveness But there’s room for improvement among all social networks Paid advertising on social media properties is delivering a […]

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No, we are not a software company! (Time to rebrand)

“So, what does your company do?” That should be an easy question with a simple answer… but sometimes we find ourselves rambling on trying to explain. To The Point Marketing Agency IS a marketing agency and we know exactly what we are really, really good at, but we realized we haven’t been explaining that well […]

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Industry Spotlight: How Education Leads Tell You They’re Ready

The highest quality leads will always be the ones that tell you they’re ready to make a purchase decision, rather than you having to ask them first. This holds especially true for nontraditional education leads; they know they need to further their professional development, but it’s very easy for them to put it off until […]

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Industry Spotlight: Nurturing Higher Education Leads

Educational organizations that cater to working adults, online learners, and other nontraditional students find that the number one challenge to meeting their class start goals is finding the right nurturing process for their new and existing education leads. But there are a few different points in the lead’s lifecycle that need to be addressed before you even […]

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Five Clear Signs You Need to Outsource Your Digital Marketing

Originally posted on by Laura McGarrity   As technology continues shaping the way marketers engage with customers, traditional marketing efforts are being eclipsed by digital marketing platforms and strategies. Digital marketing allows us to understand target audiences, craft content and delivery methods, measure analytics, and strategize for the future in ways never before possible. Companies […]

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Tips for Choosing Your Marketing Team

Are you having trouble meeting your marketing needs with the personnel you have? We recently watched a seminar about the decision to hire, outsource, or DIY for your company’s marketing needs. Here’s what you should know: The first lesson is that you can’t always do everything yourself. Trying to juggle everything is probably not the […]

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How to Conquer Your Direct Marketing Challenges

Customer data drives campaign success, so you need to properly shape your database. We recently read an article called 12 Tips to Help You Conquer Your Direct Marketing Challenges. You can read all 12, but here are 5 in our own words: Determine Your Audience Start by narrowing down your audience so you know what […]

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Marketing Automation – It’s More Than Just Programming

These days, everything is personal; our experiences on- and off-line are catered to our individual needs and interests. Sometimes it seems like all you do is think about something before relevant ads pop up everywhere you look. You might buy a product online and immediately get an email about a complimentary item. This is marketing […]