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Reducing Automation Rules: A Pardot Hack

Did you know that you can add prospects to a list based on their responses-without automation rules? Is your Pardot account flooded with dozens of similar automation rules? Automation rules that take action based on field values? If so, this hack will come in handy. When using a Pardot form, select a field to edit, […]

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Cleaning Bad Data Fields

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] Cleaning up bad data fields: Have you ever gone into your Pardot instance, only to discover hundreds of sync errors to Salesforce that are preventing your Sales Qualified Leads from actually making their way to sales? If so, you are certainly not alone! Bad data fields are everywhere. There are, of course, many reasons […]

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The 3 Steps to Effective Email Marketing

Effective email marketing starts with the understanding that you can’t send every campaign to everyone on your list – well, you can, but you shouldn’t. There is just too much going on in your recipients’ inboxes and in their online experiences. A sloppy campaign without a specific target will become part of the din. If you want […]

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Industry Spotlight: Nurturing Higher Education Leads

Educational organizations that cater to working adults, online learners, and other nontraditional students find that the number one challenge to meeting their class start goals is finding the right nurturing process for their new and existing education leads. But there are a few different points in the lead’s lifecycle that need to be addressed before you even […]

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How to Conquer Your Direct Marketing Challenges

Customer data drives campaign success, so you need to properly shape your database. We recently read an article called 12 Tips to Help You Conquer Your Direct Marketing Challenges. You can read all 12, but here are 5 in our own words: Determine Your Audience Start by narrowing down your audience so you know what […]

Facebook & Instagram PPC

Hey there, it's Aaron here -- residential Facebook & Instagram PPC Expert! I may have cut my teeth running multimillion-dollar campaigns but I've always loved working with smaller companies, there's nothing like the challenge they present. Anyone trained in Social PPC Marketing can spend enough money to draw a good amount of traffic, but the real expertise lies in collaborating with the client to cultivate a campaign to be proud of.

Content & PPC Specialist

Hi, I’m Morgan! While Bob is our resident Baby Boomer, I'm the resident Zillenial. I'm a big fan of reading and writing, I also love spending my time having game nights with my friends. I'm full of fun, interesting, and random facts which I'm always happy to talk about (especially if it's about antiquity). I have 10 years of Latin and 3 of Ancient Greek under my belt and I'm attempting to learn Italian right now. I dream of going back to Italy, eating cacio e pepe in Rome, and geeking out over the structures I've read about my whole life.

My favorite way to explain my role at Centrus is as a "Mini-Bob." I've spent the last three-ish years learning about PPC, SEO, and everything digital advertising from him. I have graduated from just writing ad copy (still a favorite pastime of mine) to researching keywords to interpreting and optimizing client analytical data. Not only that, but I've also had the pleasure of dipping my toes into marketing automation under the guidance of skilled, accredited experts with powerful resources like Salesforce Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (formerly Pardot) and Constant Contact Lead Gen & CRM (formerly SharpSpring). If there's one thing I know about myself, it's that I love to learn.

Digital Marketing Specialist

Hi! I’m Megan. As the daughter of a tech-nerd and a cake decorator, my ingredients are as follows: one part creative, one part analytical, a bit of outdoorsy, a dash of empathetic, topped with a whole lot of middle child (feel free to substitute for overlooked peace-keeper). My sweet spot in life is when I am hunched over a canvas, with three paintbrushes in one hand and a palette in the other creating a gift for someone I love. I am well-known for breathlessly talking about my next endeavor; all middle children know the necessity of leaving no space for interruption. When I am not creating art or recovering from oxygen deprivation, I can often be found sitting behind my computer – which is a canvas for a small fraction of my sticker collection – learning the latest tech trends or taking an online certification course for fun.

This creative and analytical mix has turned out to be the perfect recipe for success in the digital marketing space. I love helping clients create content that accurately represents them, and then tracking that content for engagement. I prioritize staying on top of the latest technologies and platforms and I use that knowledge to better position our clients. With clear communication, diligence, and new ideas I help clients boost engagement and increase conversions.

Digital Marketing Specialist, Swiss Army Knife

Hey, I’m Kay! I am an avid poetry writer, out-of-the-box thinker, and natural-born leader (we don’t call boys bossy, do we?). As the oldest of four, I was promoted to child-executive at a very young age. As additional members were birthed into the organization, my role transformed into the doer of everything, blame-taker, and helper to all subordinates. A year after moving out of the organization, a kitchen fire that nearly burnt down the house was caused when a particularly unruly subordinate turned on the oven with cereal boxes inside; from that point onward, my services to the organization were deemed vital. When I was not busy preventing fires, I could often be found reading, writing, playing one of my three instruments, or giving advice to friends; these are all activities I still enjoy.

My innate skill for leadership has prepared me to be a fierce partner to clients. I pride myself on being diligent, creative, and solution-oriented. I pay particular attention to the needs of each individual client and then do whatever is necessary to make them shine. I truly believe there is a perfectly unique solution for each organization that I work with and I make it my mission to figure out the optimal way to implement that. I help clients determine the best words to describe their organization or service and I ensure no fires will be caused in the meantime!

Partner, Marketing Technologist, Digital Overlord

Hi, I’m Leo. My best friend is my computer, but I should probably start where it all began… I was first lured into creating graphics by design’s flashy friend Adobe. We instantly became inseparable. Soon, I found myself wandering beyond the boundaries of desktop applications and into the vast, new world of the ‘ the internet.’ It was an extraordinary place where I discovered my passion for combining technology and design. As time went on, we invited more friends into our group and my interests continued to grow; my life is now completely saturated with the endless possibilities that my best friend facilitates.

Per the suggestion of my ever-expanding friend group, I permanently dwell in the universe of digital marketing. By utilizing design, technology, automation, SEO, and analytics I develop unique solutions to meet the needs of each of my clients. For any marketing goal that a client has, I make it my personal mission to figure out how to support and amplify that using technology. I take pride in being completely immersed in the world of digital marketing and I use that to position clients and grow their impact. At this point in my life, I am rarely ‘unplugged’ and I suspect I might just lose power if I was.

Partner, Sr. Account Strategist, Animal Papparazzi

Hey Everyone! I’m Jen, a houseplant enthusiast, nature lover, and someone who goes all in. You know that friend who can’t just settle for average – well, that’s me! This began as a child when I wouldn’t settle for just one grapefruit a day, but developed a full-blown obsession where I refused to eat anything besides grapefruits because, well, “I LOVE GRAPEFRUITS, MOM!”. While my obsession with grapefruits has waned, this tenacity has extended to my love of houseplants which has yielded a collection of exactly 107 plants and evolved into a succulent breeding operation on my bedroom floor, my never-ending search for a dog to pet (if you’re a real dog lover, you will pet every. single. one.), and my non-stop rotation of hikes, kayak rides, and impromptu camping trips.

My all-in approach has carried over to my work. I’ve focused solely on digital marketing and account management for my entire career. Using my ever-curious and solution-oriented mind, I help clients create efficient systems, discover fresh concepts, and get down to their true why. I thrive on developing the most effective and cutting edge strategies; I only accept outcomes that go all in and address a client’s core need. The grit that developed out of a love for grapefruits is exactly what keeps me motivated and constantly thinking about how best to serve my clients.

Managing Partner, Millennial Beard

Hey Friends, I’m Jonathan! I am a self-proclaimed funtrepreneur. Oh, never heard that word before? Let me explain. HAVE FUN AND BE OF SERVICE. Sounds pretty awesome, right? Now let me show you how it’s done… First, I spend much of my free time acting in local theater, performing karaoke, coordinating the Portsmouth Halloween Parade, having a cocktail on the decks, and spending time with my daughter (better known as the poster child for Gen Z’s who brunch). Then I add a healthy dose of community service by serving on three different nonprofit boards, attending community events as Chair of the Ambassador Committee for the Chamber Collaborative of Greater Portsmouth, or volunteering at the Seacoast Repertory Theatre. I also serve in the Air Force Reserves at Westover ARB in Chicopee, MA. And, that’s me! I am a full-blown funtrepreneur who works alongside important organizations in my community and I have a blast doing it.

I am just as passionate about my work at Centrus. I work with some of the coolest clients and I find purpose in amplifying their brand. I aim to really teach clients how purposeful and targeted marketing will better position their organization for success. I take particular pleasure in helping clients facilitate growth; I do that through our work at Centrus and also through making introductions to other people or organizations within the community. My ultimate goal is to help those I interact with succeed, regardless of where they find the solution. I use the same ferocity that I seek fun with, to serve each and every one of my clients.

Founder, Managing Partner, Search Jedi

Hello! I’m Bob – the resident baby-boomer of Centrus. I do readily admit my hair is a bit silkier and whiter than the rest of our team. And, my jokes may be a bit cornier. But, I will concede nothing more! While I can often be found swimming, hiking, or spending time with my family, I thoroughly enjoy talking about all things search-related (okay, I will concede one more point.. my talking may sometimes be considered rambling. But, that is only because I am so passionate about it!).

I started this company because I saw the potential of search marketing and I dreamed of creating an agency that was focused on transparency. I knew that by teaching clients about the importance of relevancy and then showing them its real impact, we could help businesses thrive within their communities. If you provide relevant results and content to your audience, you will always have better results. This can be seen through greater search engine visibility, increased web traffic, more leads, or a higher rate of conversion. If you ever want to talk about anything search-related, let me know. I may need to bring Jonathan along to translate (as I conceded above, I can get a bit nerdy and technical), but I assure you that at least a few tips will be learned and can be implemented straight away!