Paid Ads

Tired of paying for ads that are NOT converting customers?

An Expert in Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and more can help

Some reasons your paid ads are not converting effectively

Paid ads are vital for supporting growth that can be lifesavers, but they are only as good as the marketing team behind them! When it comes to converting customers with paid ads, the main focus has to be highlighting pain points and educating the unaware of your business or services.
If you are new to paid ads, knowing where to start can be challenging. With Centrus Digital, we can help access your needs and generate paid ads that will be marketed to large consumer bases. Some platforms we advertise on include:

Google’s Various Platforms Including: Search, Google Display Network, YouTube

Meta (formerly known as Facebook or Instagram)

X (formerly known as Twitter)





At Centrus, we focus on providing you with the following:

Expertly Managed

We have the experience to optimize your paid ads. This will generate more leads and higher conversions.


Stop wasting money! We will design your paid ads to make the most of your budget.


The results of your advertising efforts are always available for you to see. You will never be left wondering if your ongoing campaigns are effective.

Higher ROI

We are hyper-focused on ROI. We will help you create a strategy that optimizes each dollar you spend.

Reaching more people is possible

We are experts at fine-tuning paid ads so that they are actually reaching new visitors that have an interest in your product or service. We stay on top of the ever-changing landscape and manage all of the technical details. This means that your costs will be lower and your leads will be higher.

There’s nothing wrong with free information!

We encourage you to contact us for more information about our services and discuss how we can help. Our team is responsive and can communicate through whichever channel works best for you.