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Actionable Data: The Marketing Hero’s Sidekick

On a moonlit night, a silhouette is perched on a rooftop, surveying the streets below. Suddenly, their target appears! The figure winds up and hurls a crumpled paper at the target, hitting them squarely in the head. As the figure runs off, the target opens the paper to read, “Attend our webinar next Tuesday, beloved […]

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Industry Spotlight: How Education Leads Tell You They’re Ready

The highest quality leads will always be the ones that tell you they’re ready to make a purchase decision, rather than you having to ask them first. This holds especially true for nontraditional education leads; they know they need to further their professional development, but it’s very easy for them to put it off until […]

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Closing the Deal: Finding Your Marketing Qualified Leads

Effective marketing is personal, which means you want to know a lot about the consumers you are targeting. Typically, this means being familiar with buyer persona: data like age, gender, industry, job title, and company size. But knowing who your buyers are isn’t enough. You must also recognize what it looks like when those customers […]