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Marketing Automation – It’s More Than Just Programming

These days, everything is personal; our experiences on- and off-line are catered to our individual needs and interests. Sometimes it seems like all you do is think about something before relevant ads pop up everywhere you look. You might buy a product online and immediately get an email about a complimentary item. This is marketing automation at play, something we use every day at To the Point Marketing.Marketing Automation needs a human touch

The word automation might conjure up images of robots on an assembly line, but automated marketing is actually much more personal than systems of the past. Gone are the days of sending a mass email with the same message to all your prospective customers. Automated marketing software is behavioral, drawing on data to segment messaging so that your customers receive specific messages based on what they want and when they want it. TTP uses data and sophisticated tools to shape messaging that generates sales leads and turns prospective customers into dedicated ones. Simply put, we know when to send what, where, and to whom. Sounds easy, right?

This system is a powerful tool in the right hands, but it will not automatically provide the sales results you need. With great power comes a long list of responsibilities. You still need humans. Unfortunately, most software packages do not include your very own digital designers, database experts, campaign managers, copywriters, and strategists. Fortunately, we’ve got those. You would need a whole department dedicated to managing a system like ours, and we know that your time and resources are needed elsewhere.

Marketing automation is our specialty. TTP is able to handle your automated marketing needs creatively and efficiently. It’s all about specialization and economies of scale. In other words, because we are experts in automated marketing and use the same expensive software to handle the marketing needs of numerous clients, we can provide you with greater expertise at a lower cost.  On your end, automated marketing will feel practically automatic.