Blog Analysis 101

Are you writing weekly blogs for your website, but you have no idea of its impact?  Me neither.  Here’s a post by Pardot on tracking pages per session, bounce rate, average visit durations, etc. Stay updated on your blog metrics! How to Track Key Blog Metrics LET’S TALK ABOUT YOUR COMPANY BLOG Your company blog […]

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Five Clear Signs You Need to Outsource Your Digital Marketing

Originally posted on by Laura McGarrity   As technology continues shaping the way marketers engage with customers, traditional marketing efforts are being eclipsed by digital marketing platforms and strategies. Digital marketing allows us to understand target audiences, craft content and delivery methods, measure analytics, and strategize for the future in ways never before possible. Companies […]

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Marketing Automation – It’s More Than Just Programming

These days, everything is personal; our experiences on- and off-line are catered to our individual needs and interests. Sometimes it seems like all you do is think about something before relevant ads pop up everywhere you look. You might buy a product online and immediately get an email about a complimentary item. This is marketing […]