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How to Conquer Your Direct Marketing Challenges

Customer data drives campaign success, so you need to properly shape your database. We recently read an article called 12 Tips to Help You Conquer Your Direct Marketing Challenges. You can read all 12, but here are 5 in our own words:

  1. Determine Your Audience

Start by narrowing down your audience so you know what data you need. For instance, if you want to generate leads don’t email existing customers – that’s like pretending you’ve never met one of your good friends.

  1. Utilize A/B Splits

A/B split testing provides significant insight into your campaigns. A certain aspect of an email (say, the heading) is tested by sending out two versions, each to every other recipient, and comparing the results.

  1. Use a Variety of Metrics

Many businesses focus geographically when approaching prospects, but you can explore a world of new ones if you step out of that bubble. Mix up your metrics! With more information, you won’t waste resources on uninterested individuals and can chase those opportunities that have more potential.

  1. Build a Customer Profile

You should know who your targets are. Who are your ideal clients? Your biggest buyers can be a good starting point. Once you know exactly who you are targeting, make sure your message matches what they need.

  1. Tidy Up Your Lists

Over half of marketers never or rarely check the accuracy of their data; don’t be one of them. Data, especially business data, becomes outdated rapidly, and dead names pull down your response rates. With emails, this can impact your IP reputation, causing fewer messages to reach inboxes.

So, how is your business doing with database management? TTP, experts in data management and deployment, can help you turn these tips into results. Find out more about our work.