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The 3 Steps to Effective Email Marketing

Effective email marketing starts with the understanding that you can’t send every campaign to everyone on your list – well, you can, but you shouldn’t. There is just too much going on in your recipients’ inboxes and in their online experiences. A sloppy campaign without a specific target will become part of the din. If you want a customer to notice your emails, they have to be relevant and engaging: personalization is the key. Check out the following steps that will make your message the one that stands out.

Step 1: Control Your Data

control marketing data

Data is #1. You should take inventory of your data, consolidate your systems across departments, standardize data fields and values, and regularly perform data de-duplication. If your data runs wild, it can easily become overly complex, inaccurate, or redundant, which can diminish your otherwise high returns. A properly organized database can produce seven times the number of inquiries and four times the number of leads. Knowing your customers’ personal traits is essential to sending them the right information.

Step 2: Segment Your Lists

list segmentation

Before conducting an email campaign, you need to know who will receive what content. It is crucial to segment data and send unique messages to each group. One useful way to divide customers is by buying cycle or purchasing habits. At TTPM, we often base the content and timing of emails on individuals’ engagement with a campaign or how the business typically approaches contact with their customer or lead base. By examining past marketing techniques, you can build a custom campaign that will build on what works and eliminate what does not. Knowing how to properly segment data is important because targeted campaigns improve response rates, boost customer loyalty and trust, and maximize business outcomes. Speaking of business outcomes…

Step 3: Define Campaign Objectives

marketing campaign objectives

You should set realistic goals and keep track of whether a campaign matches those goals. Marketing automation solutions are able to track results digitally and report performance measures. It was deliberately designed that way so that you can analyze the reports, fine-tune your methods, and make better efforts – leading to better results.

Controlling data, segmenting audiences, and defining campaign success: these are three steps TTP has mastered in order to make email marketing work for your business. We are data- and database management-driven. When we say our system works for your business, we’ve got the data to back that up – literally.

This information was adapted from the article “3 Vital Steps to Effective Email Marketing” by Corinne Sklar. View Ms. Sklar’s article here.