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Reducing Automation Rules: A Pardot Hack

Did you know that you can add prospects to a list based on their responses-without automation rules?

Is your Pardot account flooded with dozens of similar automation rules? Automation rules that take action based on field values? If so, this hack will come in handy. When using a Pardot form, select a field to edit, and make sure you have the field set to “dropdown” for the value type.
Be sure to choose "Dropdown" for field typr
Next, navigate to the “values” tab for that field. Directly next to the predefined values, you will see a “+”. By selecting that button, you can choose an existing list. When a prospect fills out the form, they will be added to whatever list is associated with the value they selected.
This tool is best practice for most every company, but especially useful for companies that have a larger selection of products and services and don’t want to get bogged down with dozens of similar automation rules. 
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