To The Point

Two Marks Are Better Than One

We’ve brought on a couple of new team members onboard, Mark Panicali and Mark Mullaney. After having a little fun yelling, “MARK!” and seeing who answered first, we set them to work in their new positions.

First up is Mark Panicali, our new Director of Business Development who will be actively pursuing new clients looking for marketing solutions:

Mark PanicaliMark Panicali – As our very own enthusiastic and driven salesman, Mark brings new ideas to the table and strives to present clients with solutions that will achieve their goals and yield the best ROI. He stood out to us as a candidate because of the sincerity and warm demeanor he brings to every conversation, both personal and professional. That, and he has years of experience working in various industries, including Digital Marketing Services. We’re very excited to have him on board and are confident we’ve brought an asset to the team.

And here’s a little bit about Mark Mullaney, aka “Other Mark”, aka “The Design Wizard”:

Mark MullaneyMark Mullaney – Graphic designer and animator extraordinaire, Mark has a keen eye for marketing design. Over his 6+ years of experience, Mark has produced creative for a variety of mediums, including print, the web, and television. Mark is a Boston resident and graduate of the Art Institute of Boston at Lesley University. A talented multi-tasker, Mark has been known to use his phone, listen to music, and watch cult science fiction films all at the same time – on breaks, of course!

Both Marks fit in very nicely with the rest of the TTP team, and we’re happy to welcome staff of such high caliber to our agency.