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Closing the Deal: Finding Your Marketing Qualified Leads

Effective marketing is personal, which means you want to know a lot about the consumers you are targeting. Typically, this means being familiar with buyer persona: data like age, gender, industry, job title, and company size. But knowing who your buyers are isn’t enough. You must also recognize what it looks like when those customers are ready to hear from your sales team. Sending an assertive sales message to a business or consumer who is not ready to buy can turn them off from future interactions. On the flip side, your business cannot succeed if you fail to provide a next step when a customer is considering a purchase.

Make a buying signals checklist
Try making a checklist of buying signals for future data segmentation.

Watch for behavior signals that indicate a marketing lead is qualified, and ready to hear from sales. Here are a few things to ask yourself about your target’s interactions with emails and online content:

  • Are they opening the emails and clicking on links?
  • Are they visiting your site multiple times a day?
  • Are they filling out a form but not pressing submit?
  • Are they reviewing case studies?
  • Are they visiting your pricing page?
  • Are they tweeting or posting about you or your competition?

These are all great indicators of a marketing qualified lead. By coordinating with your marketing team, you can track these buying signals and help guide your leads until they are ready to hear your sales pitch. Timing is everything.

If you are looking for the right marketing team to partner with, TTP can help. We specialize in managing your automated marketing and helping marketing professionals to nurture potential customers and turn those marketing qualified leads into sales qualified leads that are ready to buy.