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It Really Works! Email Marketing Success Stories, pt 1 of 2

Email Marketing Success Stories, pt 1 of 2: Email Lead Generation

Email marketing continues to generate impressive returns: every dollar spent yields an average of around $44. Emails can be used for branding, lead generation, sales, and customer retention – but returns depend on the effectiveness of your campaigns. Here is an example of a company that dramatically improved their email marketing strategies:

A few years ago, Salesforce, a leading enterprise cloud computing company, wanted to enhance its lead-generation program. To do this, they partnered with an outside creative agency. This agency assessed the Salesforce email program and determined the best course of action was to revamp the design. They created a standard, highly configured template. The new email campaigns included button treatment for calls to action, dynamic content, secondary actions, short copy, and HTML text instead of image-heavy designs. Head-to-head tests showed that the newly designed template did better overall in clicks and produced more engagement. It even created greater production efficiencies.

What worked for Salesforce can work for you. TTP does this type of thing on a regular basis. We know how to incorporate both HTML and image design to be paired with effective copy and dynamic content, and we look at metrics to determine what calls to action are most effective. One way we do this is through A/B split testing, where two versions of an email are sent out. The resulting data is compared to determine relative effectiveness, such as which content generated the highest click-rate.

We have the data measurements to make your email campaigns highly effective in not only lead generation but also sales, customer retention, and branding. Stay tuned for “Success Stories: Part 2” to find out how an automated marketing system can turn leads into sales.