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It Really Works! Email Marketing Success Stories, pt 2 of 2

You’re reading Email Marketing Success Stories, pt 2 of 2 where we will discuss how automated marketing played a key role in improving Workforce’s sales process. To read part one about Salesforce and how an email redesign improved their lead generation, click here.

In “Success Stories: Part 1” a business improved lead generation through a more effective email campaign.

But, as another company learned, marketing doesn’t end with lead generation. Workforce, a leading manufacturer of complex workforce policy and compliance management solutions, had no trouble generating leads. In fact, it was generating so many leads the sales team could only handle a fraction of them and did nothing with the rest. Their problem was identifying which leads qualified.

The solution was an automated marketing system which divided potential customers. To download premium content on the Workforce website, visitors answered a few qualifying questions. Based on their answers, high scoring leads were directed to the sales team immediately. Lower scoring leads were directed into a lead-generating program. This program sent emails that appeared to come from salespeople and were individualized depending on answers given. Once a lead qualified, it was assigned an actual salesperson who joined the conversation as if she or he had been there all along. The system improved productivity, saved time and resources, and brought a substantial increase in leads without overwhelming the sales team.

These results are consistent with what we know at TTP: messaging is one part of the solution – data is the other. The content of an email for instance should depend on what we know about the recipient. This is how TTP produces results for your business, using data to build automated marketing programs and shape communications all the way from an initial click to customer retention after a sale. It’s more personal for your customers and more profitable for you.