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It’s 2015 – Get Personal!

Your business should be employing personalized marketing strategies and technologies to stay competitive in 2015. To keep up with current marketing trends, you need to use data to craft custom user experiences. Why?

Here are two of the biggest takeaways from an article called Why Personalized Marketing Will Dominate in 2015:

  1. Personalized emails have a 25% higher open rate and 51% higher click rate
  2. Companies that effectively use personalized marketing see an average of 19% higher sales

How do you take advantage of these statistics? First, find your target demographic and focus on consumers or businesses most likely to use your services. Then, segment customers based on behaviors and send different messages to each subgroup. Finally, you should treat each of these consumers or businesses as an individual, contacting them at the right times and saying the right things.

Personalization is undoubtedly the trump card to email success, and you need the right data to achieve it. That’s why using technologies like automated marketing software can make such an impact on your campaigns. The word automation might conjure up images of robots on an assembly line, but automated marketing is actually much more personal than systems of the past. Gone are the days of sending a mass email with the same message to all your prospective customers. Now, each individual receives an email addressed to her specifically (“Hello, [insert name here]”). That email’s content is tailored to her data, so that what she sees depends on who she is, what she wants, and when she wants it. She might receive an email to welcome her to your business, wish her happy birthday, or follow up on a purchase. Communications will be more relevant, and your customers might just feel like people – instead of nameless wallets.

As long as you can run and manage your marketing automation effectively, personalization will bring results. Create those personalized messages that generate sales leads and turn prospective customers into dedicated ones.