Marketing Automation To The Point

Marketing Automation for SMBs

marketing automationMarketing automation is essential to business growth and success.  It can be used to manage multiple channels like social media, email marketing, and content marketing more efficiently.

You should consider marketing automation if:

  • Your website has heavy traffic, and you are not converting enough leads.
  • You cannot keep up with marketing tasks.
  • You can no longer manage using Word, Excel, and Outlook.

Marketing automation allows SMBs to stay organized and allow for better use of time.  It also helps with lead nurturing, allowing for more leads to be converted.  More qualified leads mean more business with prospects and current customers.

Features of Marketing Automation Software

✓ Customization

  • Inserts dynamic content, displaying content on the website based on the viewer
  • Customizes forms and landing pages for each user

✓ Segmentation

  • Divides customers and prospects into subsets depending on similar behaviors, interests, and demographics
  • Allows for more personalized marketing

✓ Test for marketing variables

  • Provides data on the best times to send emails
  • Provides information on most successful subject headings

✓ Visitor engagement

  • Provides information on who is looking at website, at what content, and for how long
  • Allows for assessment on successful parts of website — what works and what doesn’t

✓ Lead scoring and grading

  • Provides automatic follow-ups with leads
  • Allows for more conversions of your best and most qualified leads

So, what happens when you invest in marketing automation?

With correct use of MA software, you will end up having lower costs per lead, lower staffing costs, and a higher ROI on marketing investments– ultimately leading to increased revenue and business growth.

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