Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation: Pardot versus Act-On

What is marketing automation?

Marketing automation refers to software platforms that allow businesses to more effectively manage marketing tasks such as emails, social media, and others.  The software automates repetitive tasks and executes campaigns more efficiently, freeing up time for other tasks.  It also helps businesses better qualify leads and close more deals, and thus, increase revenue.

Comparing MA Software: Pardot versus Act-On



  • Standard: $1,000/month at 10,000 records
  • Professional: $2,000/month at 10,000 records
  • Ultimate: $3,000/month at 10,000 records


  • Professional: $600/month at 1,000 records*
  • Enterprise: $2,000 at 10,000 records

*It appears that Act-On is the less expensive option, which may be attractive for freelancers or very small businesses; however, the basic version (Professional) does not come with its own server system.  This means the user shares a server with others, which could include spammers or companies with poor guidelines, hurting the user’s marketing ability.  The upgraded version is at $2,000/month, a cost comparable to those of Pardot.  With that in mind, the following chart compares Act-On Enterprise to Pardot Professional.

Act-On Enterprise has everything you need for a basic marketing automation tool that creates simple templates and integrates social media.  You can also add the Advanced Social Media Module for an additional fee.

Pardot is a more advanced tool, with its customizable templates and improved security features.  It also does not require an annual contract.  For Salesforce users, there is no question that Pardot is the better choice.

The pros and cons of marketing automation softwares should be weighed depending on your company’s wants and needs.  Different companies have different needs.  When shopping for a marketing automation software, make sure to consider: preferred features and analytics, CRM integrations, and customization abilities.