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How to Post on Social Media: Quit Agonizing

If you’re new to social media posting (nothing to be ashamed of) there are some important things to keep in mind when posting for a business page:


How to post on social media:

  • Social media is primarily for customer retention: Most of your social media connections are people that know your brand already. Speak to them, and let them bring you new customers.
  • Entertain them: Social media is an entertainment platform, so entertainment should be your primary focus. Posting entertaining content will net you more likes and comments, which in turn will net you more reach when you make the odd conversion attempt.
  • Don’t try to convert too often: If you do, you’ll see interaction drop, which kills your free exposure. Worse, you could get unfollowed or ignored. Try to convert only every so often, and preferably only when you can offer your followers some special incentive.
  • Don’t be too stiff: Social media is where you show off your human side. There’s a reason big players like Verizon share cute photos of cats.
  • Keep the “social” in social media.  Use your personal page to make friends, grow your fans, connect to other and notice what is going on in the lives of your customers.

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