To The Point

Big Moves At To The Point Marketing

We’ve been making some fast-paced, exciting changes here at To The Point Marketing. New space, a new face, some new technology, and it all happened in the span of a month. Here are the highlights:

Welcome, Taylor Cefalo!

We’d like to welcome Taylor Cefalo, the newest member of our TTP team. Taylor recently graduated from The University of New Hampshire with a Bachelor of Sciences degree in Business Administration with a focus in Management and Marketing. Taylor’s study included intensive study in exploiting market opportunities and understanding buyer behavior. Taylor has experience working on major brand consulting and campaigns with companies such as Enterprise Rental creating an extensive knowledge on marketing analysis. Before landing with us, Taylor was able to intern for one year with the director of marketing at the International Association of Privacy Professionals on projects with direct marketing, social media, editing print copy, and events marketing.

She has already fully immersed herself in working with TTP clients to help craft and guide their campaigns from conception to execution. We can’t wait for you to meet her.


Have you seen our new office?


Because we’re loving it. We liked our “old” office in a historic New England building (mostly), butnew space we were rapidly growing out of it. Now, we’ve got room to grow (and consistent heat and air-conditioning!). We added more staff and more computers, and we now have individual, private offices for many of us. It looks slick and cutting-edge and it makes us better at what we do.


But the big new space was not without its challenges. In our old space we could verbally shout out our requests and could see and hear if any of us were on the phone and unavailable. Now we need upgraded communication tools …



Cloud Computing/scheduling/IM’ing has come to TTP

Cloud computing allows us to store our work in a central cloud, access each other’s documents, use and update Microsoft software without having to load it on each new computers view. We can share all of our calendar entries, and use the chat feature without being within sight of each other.

It’s a really slick new system and we’re thrilled with it so far. It greatly reduces the time we spend working against the technology and opens us up to better serve our customers. It will make our ongoing expansion and growth even easier.