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Campaign Architecture

Successful marketing campaigns start by first conceiving and laying out a model of the entire customer experience, from the first web search through the ongoing buying relationship. In the end, that investment in your upfront architecture can result in the perception that your campaign is 90% planning, and 10% execution. While not necessarily an accurate percentage of the end deliverables, it’s still a good barometer for measuring that upfront investment. After all, you need a good plan to get good results.

Having a solid plan for determining which behaviors, or “actions” a customer takes results in which specific response, can and should  be mapped out before you begin.  Campaign architecture simply means planning actions so that leads or customers get exactly what they need at key points in their buying cycle. It could mean the difference between a new sale and another lost opportunity. Skipping or neglecting the planning phase could result in wasted effort and money, with your marketing materials reaching the wrong people, or reaching out at the wrong time.

At TTP our campaign structures provide a three dimensional top-down command view of an entire marketing campaign. Each architecture is client and goal specific, and encompasses every customer touch-point. It provides a means of differentiating, or scoring leads based on their behavior and then targeting specific and relevant materials to those leads.

Our campaign architectures have given our clients positive results time after time after time. See what the guiding hand of a professional marketing architecture can do for you today.