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Email Marketing

Even as new digital channels gain traction, email marketing continues to stand head and shoulders above the rest in terms of popularity and performance. At TTP, it’s the tip of our spear and a cornerstone of our System. Nothing engages potential buyers more directly and effectively in our book, and our System makes it work that much better.

The reason? Email and data are the best match since man and dog. By unscrambling data about potential customers, our System identifies, evaluates and separates targets based on their behavior, and our powerful software lets us send them carefully written, brand-specific emails at just the right time to convert them into sales.

And it’s versatile. Email marketing is a timely way to make excellent first impressions, build relationships, keep customers interested, and grow your business. At TTP we know how to get those emails open, read, and acted upon. Call us today to find out how you can start getting direct with your consumers.