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What Does it Take to be a Marketing Automation Expert?

Marketing automation is this new tool that thousands of companies are now using, but are they using it correctly?  According to Sirius Decisions, over 40% of marketing automation users have less than two years of experience.  Lack of expertise and limited training creates challenges to companies, limiting the value of MA practices.  If you are looking to optimize your MA usage to manage your systems, it is best to hire the experts.  Why?

They are comfortable with databases.

A marketing automation expert should be able to collect your data and put it into databases in your MA system and CRM.  In addition, an expert should know database concepts and use those concepts to analyze and present different data sets.

They map out the MA plan.

A marketing automation expert plans before execution.  Before putting it into the MA platform, an expert maps out the MA plan, providing an outline for guidance.  Companies who map out their lead management flow are more likely to have increased revenue.

They create buyer personas.

Buyer personas are the ideal customers for your company.  Before MA procedures, an expert would look to identify your company’s buyer personas.  This will be used for guidance when creating marketing campaigns within your MA system.

They provide extra knowledge.

Marketing automation experts can answer any of your questions on your MA software.  They should be able to provide tutorials on any part of your system and bring you closer to becoming an expert yourself.

They have years of experience.

There’s a reason why people say practice makes perfect.  People aren’t born great at handling marketing automation software.  They use it for years while obtaining certifications.  Having years of experience allows MA users to know which techniques work and which do not depending on the industry.  They are able to narrow down and try different strategies to optimize marketing efforts.

Questions?  Our team of MA experts can answer those for you!