Content Marketing

Getting Started with Inbound Marketing

While outbound marketing works well in many cases, inbound marketing should also be utilized as it leads to lower cost and higher return on investment. Inbound marketing focuses on earning instead of buying customers’ attention. Inbound marketing is all about content. You attract customers by creating relevant content, allowing them to make the decision to choose your company for your products and/or services.

How do you get clients to come to you?

You follow the four stages of inbound marketing: attract, convert, close, and delight. The first step is to identify your company’s buyer personas, or ideal clients. To do so, you must ask yourselves: Who is our ideal client? What are their goals, challenges, and pain points? The answers to these questions will determine the content you will create. It may be helpful to think about your current clients. Which clients do you prefer to work with? Why? What problems did they have that led them to you? You can use your current clients to figure out your buyer personas.

After that’s done, it’s time to create quality content, whether it’s blog posts, webinars, ebooks, videos, whitepapers, Powerpoints, etc., for customers at every stage of the buyer’s journey. A visitor may land on your blog page, but it will take a lot more than blog posts to move them through the funnel. SalesHub explains why there should be content for each of the four stages.

In simple terms, to get started with inbound marketing, you need to add relevant content that answers the questions of your buyers personas.