To The Point

Five Landing Page Best Practices to Live by in Pardot

Have you ever wondered why your Pardot landing pages are not converting as expected? The best landing pages convert at rates of up to 27.4%. If you’re having trouble with low conversion rates, it may be time to invest in landing page optimization. This process starts the minute you start designing your landing page but lasts long after the page goes live. There are many ways you can enhance the elements on your landing pages. Keep reading to learn some easy ways to increase conversion rates and improve your marketing automation.

Landing Page design on notebook.

Make Your Offer Clear

When you first start planning your landing page, think about how you can create a positive customer experience. You want your prospects to feel smart, inspired, and excited with the offer presented. Think about what your customer’s specific goal is and turn this goal into a headline.

Simplify Your Landing Page Design

It is important to get rid of any visual clutter that may be on your landing pages. You want your website visitors to focus on what’s important: your call to action.

Keep Important Information Above the Fold

“Above the fold” is a term used to describe the point where users have to scroll on your website to get more information. More important information should be placed above the fold to grab customer attention. Be sure to take a look at which devices your prospects are using, so you can optimize where “the fold” will be.

Keep Your Call-To-Action (CTA) Button to the Point

A CTA button should not confuse or stress the prospect. Your offer should be clear and obvious. Using concise wording like “Join Now” or “Pick Up Here” can lead to better click-through rates.

Add Testimonials to Persuade Prospects

Customer testimonials are a great way to prove your reputation as a company. Simple quotes or video testimonials on your landing pages can give you an edge on the competition.

Landing page optimization is vital to an organization’s success. Check out this link to see some examples of successful landing page designs.