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Data Driven Marketing with To The Point

The only difference separating effective marketing and blind, hysterical, branded shouting is the effective use data. At TTP, we know how to collect and transform raw data into useful marketing fuel. It’s the wind in our sales, the gas in our car, and the reason we can provide consistent results to our customers.

Data is what turns leads into customers and customers into better customers. How do we know whether to send the full-out, buy-now sales pitch or the subtler, low-pressure white paper?  How do we know if this person who poked around your website is merely lost or is a high-level decision maker comparing your product to your competition? How do we know that the customer that bought from you last year has a need for the new solution you just rolled out?

Trust us, we know. (it’s data)

We use data with our state-of-the-art tools to identify, qualify, and segment customers based on a number of identifying touch points and interpret their needs and behaviors to determine how to best hit them with timely, fine-tuned marketing materials. If you want to find out more about how data can give your marketing efforts real purpose and speed, contact us now. We love to talk about it.