Email Marketing

4 Tips on Writing Compelling Email Content

In today’s growing digital world, emails are one of the most efficient ways to reach your customers.  When it comes to email marketing, you can have the best email templates with amazing graphics, but that means nothing if you don’t have well-written email content.

Here are four basics to writing captivating emails:

  1. Focus on benefits, not features.

Don’t simply list out features.  Customers need to know the benefits or else they wouldn’t be reading the email.  Ask yourself, what’s in it for them?

  1. Personalize each message.

When writing copy, put yourself in shoes of one person in your target audience, and use the second person “you”.  This will help you write more personalized content and more persuasive content.

  1. Keep it short and sweet.

Stay away from using long paragraphs, and separate your content into short, compelling paragraphs.  This allows readers who just scan your emails to focus on the key points you are trying to make.  You can also use lists or bullet points for better readability.

  1. Choose a subject line that grabs your readers’ attention.

Again, write the subject line while focusing on the benefits, not features to your readers.  Keep it simple, yet intriguing.  And make sure it matches the body of the email.  Here are some ways to write catchy subject lines.

You can write the most compelling content, but that doesn’t mean anything if you are marketing to the wrong people.  Make sure you segment your lists and know your audience before you begin the writing process.