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SEO with To The Point

Between 80% and 90% of people use the internet to look up businesses before making a purchase. Just like in real estate, your digital location is everything, and if your page isn’t optimized for search engines then you’re in the wrong part of town and it’s time to move.

When a user does a web search, search engines decide if your page is relevant or not based on secretive and ever-changing algorithms that measure things like keyword usage, average time spent on your page, how often you’ve updated, and more to decide how you stack up and the spot you get in the results. Pages that are keyed to play along with this algorithm have a much better shot at getting clicks from interested users.

People are out there right now searching the web for services and products you provide, and we can help them get to you. At TTP we know how to keep your page updated and optimized for SEO with the latest industry Best Practice. We’ll help evaluate your current SEO health, and help you exploit search terms in which you are competitive. Our proven methods deliver interested web explorers to your page, doing what you want them to do and seeing what you want them to see. Contact us today to find out how we can help you be found when people go searching.