Passion Projects Make Everything Better

It’s easy to become cynical as an advertiser. We spend a lot of time trying to get people to part with their hard-earned money for our clients. We get lost in metrics, writing compelling copy, and selling on behalf of others. But every now and then, a project comes along that is bigger than all of us. A project that we can pour our hearts into that will make a positive impact on the lives of everyone around us.

We’re proud to announce that the nonprofit Pinetree Institute in Eliot, ME has selected us to promote their amazing mission. The Pinetree Institute is striving to tackle some of society’s biggest problems: addiction & recovery, suicide, and violence to name a few. They are doing this by bringing health practitioners, social workers, educators, law enforcement, business professionals, and community leaders together for a comprehensive, community-based, trauma-informed approach.

They are launching this initiative in May of 2019 with a conference in Portsmouth, NH, RESILIENCE: A Community Approach to Trauma-Informed Care. We’re proud to play a small role in such important work. As Frederick Douglass said, “It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.” That is the theme of the conference – how can we address society’s most daunting challenges at their root cause?

We know that most of our subscribers are business leaders and community-driven individuals. It would mean the world to us if you’d check out the Pinetree Institute, go follow them on Facebook, and share the link to the conference with your connections would benefit from participating. Let’s start 2019 with something we can all believe in.