Google’s Big Show!

You definitely want to mark your calendars for Google’s Marketing Live event on May 14th. For people who know Bob, he’s been working as a Google pay-per-click advertiser for over 15 years. He started out first running ads during the early stages of Google’s partner program and have watched their tools and programs evolve over time.

About eight years ago, Bob was invited to the Google campus to hear their latest developments in search advertising. It was quite an experience for him to see how this young company involved into a multi-billion dollar organization so rapidly. His first perception of Google was that they were just a search company, but he quickly realized he was wrong. After that first visit, it became clear that Google viewed themselves as an advertising company.

Now that’s probably not a label they would like to be identified with since advertising and marketing are often viewed as necessary evils for businesses. Google started out with a mission centered around being relevant, organizing the world’s information, and doing good along the way. Like any other business, cash flow was important and the ad revenue provided that. So when we label them as an advertising company, it’s actually a new type of advertising where relevancy and targeting are on a totally different level due to their reputation, clout, and consumer data.

Google’s event on May 14th is eight hours long and there may be a fair share of marketing fluff and bravado, but as Bob’s learned over time, there are always little nuggets that indicate where they’re going and how they’re evolving. Of course, these nuggets are what’s relevant to Centrus Digital’s clients.

We’ll be hanging out for the day in Portsmouth, NH at our beautiful office at the Cooperative Venture Workspace, and you’re welcome to join us for a little pizza and what we like to call the Super Bowl of Google advertising. Just RSVP to our Facebook event if you’re interested in joining us and we’ll make sure to save you a spot.

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