What Our Innovative Clients Did to Pivot Their Businesses in a Crisis

An essential part of owning a business is being able to adapt and change business models to fit the current climate. Whether businesses are forced to pivot defensively because the original models are destined to fail, or proactively because opportunities arise in a competitive environment, businesses must be willing to take the risk to change plans in order to achieve future success. The COVID-19 crisis is no exception. It has become necessary for businesses everywhere to quickly pivot their original business models to adapt to the new normal.

At Centrus Digital, we acknowledge the need to adapt our own business model and pivot our services to better serve our clients and provide continuous value throughout these difficult times. We understand the need for inbound marketing more than ever to help small businesses engage with their audiences and promote remote offerings and events. We are focused on providing the tools and resources for your business to succeed during unprecedented times.

Below are some ways our clients pivoted their business and services to succeed during COVID-19:

Offer Remote Options

The Seacoast Science Center (SSC) in Rye, NH is an ocean science museum that pivoted their business model from hands-on learning to delivering at-home connections. Through social media and a bi-weekly e-newsletter called “Your Learning Connection”, the Seacoast Science Center offers remote lessons, activities, and resources to engage students in learning even when they are not at the museum.

Every two weeks, there is a new educational theme for remote lessons and activities through “Your Learning Connection”, ensuring students stay interested and inspired by new topics. On social media, SSC live streams feeding times for ocean creatures and delivers short educational videos. The Seacoast Science Center continues to connect with their audience through the COVID-19 pandemic due to their ability to quickly adapt their business model and offer remote options.

Utilize Social Media

Example of engaging with socialThe Atlantic Grill is a restaurant in Rye, NH that is utilizing social media platforms to keep their audiences engaged in quarantine with at-home cooking videos and menu item promotions. By consistently uploading videos and showcasing new menu items, the Atlantic Grill is ensuring customers are still invested in their restaurant and will come back to dine once indoor dining options are available.

In addition to food and how-to cooking videos, they promote takeout food and outdoor dining options, emphasizing the safety of customers as their top priority. The Atlantic Grill adapted their business model to focus on social media promotion as a means of interacting with customers and keep them visible despite restricted dining options.

Invent New Services

Ovatio Technologies is a technology company in Moorestown, New Jersey that saw an emerging market due to the COVID-19 pandemic and created a new service to serve that market. Ovatio created a COVID-19 office safety app that allows businesses to reserve socially distant offices and equipment, communicate protocol procedures, training, contact tracing, and more.

This app provides a solution for clients to simplify automating workplace safety standards and ensure the safety of their workers. In addition to these features, the app is customizable based on different industry and organization needs. Ovatio identified their clients’ changing needs and provided a solution, ensuring that companies can safely return to work.

Our success comes only from the success our clients achieve. If you are looking for new ways to expand your business through digital advertising or are looking for creative solutions for your business, please reach out to our team today.