Inspiring Informed Change: Citizens Count

With election day around the corner, we want to spotlight the work we have done with Citizens Count of New Hampshire. They are an organization that inspires the citizens of New Hampshire to become active in democracy by providing information to make it easier to know about the policies that matter most to them. Make sure you check them out before you head into the voting booth to be up to date on the issues that shape New Hampshire!

Citizens Countâ„  is a nonpartisan nonprofit with a mission of making citizen engagement easier by providing unbiased information about issues and candidates, encouraging civil discussion and debate, and facilitating citizens taking action.

We took over their Ad Grant mgmt in November of 2017, they have the Google Ad Grant Plus which qualifies them for up to $40,000/mo to drive traffic to their website (Google is not currently accepting new applications for this program).

In 12 months, we have utilized almost $306,000 in grant funds, driving almost 217,000 visitors to their site. Additionally, we have steadily increased the click-through rate on their search ads from 5.59% to 11.43%. We have also increased the percentage of high-quality keywords (with a quality score of 5 or higher) from 62% to 89%. During that time, 2.9 MILLION people saw their search ads with NO COST to Google.

In this day and time when the public has lost confidence in political and journalistic integrity and transparency, this organization’s mission has never been more important. We are thankful to have them as clients and to support their important work with our expertise in Ad Grant management.