To The Point

Boosting Sales Efficiency With Salesforce Engage

In the digital world, making a fast first impression is more critical than ever. But if that impression is uninformed or improperly-timed, it can backfire and reflect poorly on you. Interested in reaching prospects faster and more efficiently? Salesforce Engage allows your sales team to stay on top of prospects quickly from any device at any time.

Engage Alerts can be accessed as a tab within Salesforce, or downloaded to your desktop for real-time notifications. With Engage Alerts’ column & card layout, you can easily cut through noise and filter high-priority prospects by location and/or any of the following activities:

  • Page Views
  • File Downloads
  • Paid Search Clicks
  • Forms
  • Webinars & Events
  • Site Search
  • Email Clicks
  • One-to-One Email Opens
  • All Email Opens

Click on a prospect’s card to instantly bring up their last week of Engagement Activity and see if they’re ready for a follow-up email. If so, Salesforce Engage lets you send personalized or templated emails directly to prospects with a single click of the “Send Engage Email” button from a prospect’s Lead or Contact page.

Curious about how your emails are performing? Salesforce Engage offers built-in reporting so you can track open and click rates of templated or non-templated emails from any date range.

Salesforce Engage also supports Pardot nurture lists. Let’s say a high-priority prospect just opened an email about an upcoming webinar – with Engage, you’ll see this activity at the top of your Alerts tab (or get a notification on the desktop/mobile app). From there, you can promptly add them to a drip campaign from their Lead page which sends details and reminders about the event.

For more information about filtering in Salesforce Engage Alerts, check out the Pardot Knowledge Base.