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Certified Agency Experts in Pardot

Get the most out of your Pardot marketing with support from our Certified Pardot Consultants

Marketing Cloud Account Engagement, formerly known as Pardot, is a powerful marketing automation tool with countless features available. If used correctly, it can maximize marketing efforts seamlessly. Ensuring this success, however, requires experts with extensive knowledge of Pardot’s best practices that are able to leverage these features. All too often, we see clients only using one or two advanced components. They haven’t seen the potential or the results that we know Pardot can offer.

Our Centrus Team provides support and services from Certified Pardot Consultants to help build adaptable, dynamic email automation with the purpose of engaging and capturing prospects within the Salesforce Pardot systems.

Every company we work with is unique and needs varying levels of Pardot support. That’s why we offer multiple Pardot assistance plans where our clients can choose and customize the support that best suits their needs. From handling email production overflow and creating complex marketing automation that increases productivity to managing Pardot day-to-day, Centrus can do it all.

No obligation. 15-minute discovery call with a Certified Pardot Expert

We encourage you to contact us for more information about our services and discuss how we can help. Our team is responsive and can communicate through whichever channel works best for you.

Our Pardot Consultants provide support & training for:

  • Pardot Drip Campaigns
  • Pardot Dynamic & Static List Building
  • Pardot Automation Rules
  • Pardot Scoring & Grading
  • Pardot Responsive Email & Landing Page Templates
  • Pardot Email Preference Centers
  • Pardot Forms & Form Handlers
  • Re-Engagement Automation Programs
  • Advanced Dynamic Content & Variable Tags
  • Prospect Data Management & Cleanup
  • Pardot & Salesforce Integrations
  • Syncing Troubleshooting

Salesforce Pardot Consulting, Optimization, and more…

We provided Pardot support for companies at all stages of their marketing automation journeys. Your company may still be shopping for the correct solution and comparing Pardot to another system, like Act-On. Or you may already have Pardot implemented and are wondering what to do next. Our Pardot consultants can even help optimize and manage your advanced Pardot setup, whether it has been running for two days or two years.

Centrus can function as your Pardot Knowledge Base or be in the action; designing, creating, and managing all aspects of your Pardot instance. If you’re looking to optimize your Pardot implementation and leverage all of its powerful marketing features, start the conversation by contacting us.

Migrating Between Marketing Automation Systems?

You may already have a marketing system full of content, emails, and landing pages that you have invested a significant amount of time and energy creating. If you are migrating from any marketing automation system over to Pardot, our experts are here to help.

After we conduct our audit, we present you with our recommendations. Of course, our recommendations are always specific to the business we are auditing, but some common areas of improvement are forms, campaigns, email layouts, and landing pages. Our audit recommendations should be considered a starting point with which to talk about your current struggles. We work with every client to ensure that our recommendations line up with their business goals, and you should expect the same when working with Centrus.

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Nick Fong

“I just wrapped up an implementation and transfer project with To The Point Marketing and everything went extremely smoothly. This team helped my organization transition from one marketing automation platform to Pardot. The transition was smooth, fairly painless and overall extremely successful. Their step by step methodology makes it very easy to learn each facet of the system intricately. Additionally, they offer design and campaign services that made it effortless to recreate and update older templates we had in our archives. “