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How TechStart Leveraged Marketing Automation for Increased Lead Generation

TechStart is a software company that implements an all-in-one technical support system (e.g. support calls, email cases, internal support document creation, etc.) for large businesses. They have been in the software space for less than 3 years, but began struggling with generating leads, due to competition from well-established companies and limited marketing funds. TechStart software has great reviews, however they weren’t capturing enough leads to sustain their company for the future, and roughly half of their leads were unqualified.

Tactical Philosophy

TechStart and their marketing agency determined that generating high quality content was the most effective way to drive potential customers to the website and obtain their information. Through gated content, they were able to increase the amounts of leads they received per month. With forms, they pre-qualified those leads to remove companies that did not meet their minimum revenue/number of employees, and segmented the leads that did. Personalized drip campaigns provided targeted content to these segments, and automated notifications for sales reps allowed TechStart to provide relevant and useful information and keep leads engaged/moving through the sales funnel.

Recommended Tactics:

  • Gated Content to Capture Leads: TechStart worked with their marketing agency to create a content marketing strategy with gated content, allowing them to capture lead information.
  • Determine Effectiveness with Campaigns: Because of a limited marketing budget, each dollar spent needed to be highly efficient. TechStart set up Campaigns in SharpSpring in order to determine which content marketing tactics are performing effectively and delivering positive ROI, in order to focus their efforts and spend.
  • Empower Sales with Visitor Information: TechStart used SharpSpring’s capability to track the Life of the Lead through VisitorID in order to empower its sales team with information about their most valuable leads.
  • Segmentation Using Dynamic Lists: TechStart used Dynamic Lists to segment their leads into unique groups. This allowed them to effectively communicate with each lead based on their qualifications. Leads were pre-qualified based on certain parameters, which increased sales team efficiency and led to higher conversion rates.
  • Targeted Marketing Content through Drip Campaigns: A custom email drip campaign was designed
    for each segment. Each campaign delivered highly personalized content, built around the specific needs
    of each segment.

Though marketing automation, TechStart has created a permanent growth engine that they will continue to use as they expand to new markets and launch new software and system upgrades. The results that TechStart achieved using SharpSpring are not possible with traditional ESPs and a basic CRM system. Integrating all of its marketing efforts into a single marketing automation platform allowed TechStart to have near one-on-one communication with customers in a high-converting process. The end-to-end tracking ability allowed TechStart to see the ROI of each of their efforts, allowing them to effectively allocate resources to the highest performing.

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