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Automated Campaigns: The Shortcut to Easy, Effective Email Marketing

Drip Marketing

Automated email campaigns are an almost-magical tool for handling automatic, dynamic, and time-sensitive email marketing. When used properly, an automated campaign is an adaptable solution for sending personalized emails to a variety of customers. Not only that, but emails sent from an automated campaign are always timely. Automated campaigns can automatically send follow-up emails based on important actions that your customers take. The best part is, they’re completely set and forget: Configure the campaign once and it can continue dynamically sending emails for months or even years!

So how do you go about effectively creating an automated campaign? The first thing to consider is the purpose of your campaign. If you’re trying to educate prospects on your product, consider a drip campaign that sends your customers relevant videos, articles, and blog posts on a pre-set cadence based on when they started or where they started (i.e. your website, an interaction with sales, or a past purchase). Your campaign can use tags to automatically find which types of content are most effective for each customer. As the campaign continues, it will trigger only the most relevant and useful content on a per-customer basis.

Perhaps you’re running a promotional campaign for new sales or products? Automated campaigns are a great solution for sending out emails automatically as sales or deals start. They are also effective for maintaining a prospect’s awareness of your company, even if they’re not looking to buy at that exact moment.

Automated Campaign Best Practices

Regardless of what goals you have for your campaign, here are a few important tips:

  • Test! Use metrics like opens and click-throughs to see what’s working and what isn’t.
  • Use segmentation to vary the emails you send to target different types of prospects more personally.
  • Try tools like social media connectors and CRM integration to make marketing automation even easier.

Try using an automated program for your next email marketing campaign. When configured properly, they are an extremely powerful and hands-off tool for effective digital marketing.