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Building an Effective Workflow in Pardot’s Engagement Studio

As a fellow marketer, I understand that you have a million different things to do and not enough time to do them. But what if you had a system that could automatically do some of the work for you? With Engagement Studio, you can be the next great Picasso! Using this blank canvas, you can create complex automation programs at the click of a button. Check out this blog to find out how you can create a successful workflow in Engagement Studio!

Engagement Studio is Pardot’s next-generation lead nurturing engine. This engine helps B2B marketers seamlessly manage all prospect and customer touchpoints. Along with this, companies can use Engagement Studios to easily design automated programs that engage prospects in the buyer journey. But why is your Engagement Studio program not working as well as you want it? This may be because of your workflows.


In addition to sending out emails at specific intervals, this program allows you to send prospects down different paths depending on their behaviors. This is known as a workflow, which is a sequence of actions that are automated based on set criteria. Workflows are like the brush strokes on your canvas. You can decide the artistic route that you want to take with your marketing automation. Some common types of workflows include:

Targeting customers on engagement studio.
  1. Prospect Activity Workflows: Based on how prospects engage with your marketing, you can automate actions like sending email autoresponders.
  2. Nurture Workflows: You can also nurture prospects over time by introducing your company. This may be used for new leads that may not be ready to commit to your company. The main objectives for this workflow are to: create awareness, offer value, and convert.
  3. Upselling/Cross-Selling Workflows: Using dynamic lists in Engagement Studio, marketers can see what recent customers have purchased in order to recommend similar products.

Workflows can vary in complexity and size just like the paintings you see in museums. If it is your first time using Pardot, creating a successful workflow in Engagement Studio can be overwhelming. At the same time, if you have been using Engagement Studio and do not see results, it may be because of ineffective workflows. Ask yourself the following questions to get the most out of your workflows:

  • Who is your audience and what do they want to hear?
  • Are you providing value to your audience such as downloadable resources?
  • What is the end goal or objective of this workflow? Do you want to nurture existing prospects or develop new connections?

To learn more about how to artistically create a powerful Engagement Studio program in Salesforce’s leading marketing automation system, check out this guide.