Agency Survival Guide

During this time of uncertainty, agencies across the United States are having to adapt and overcome new challenges presented by COVID-19. For some, these new challenges mean more than adjusting to remote office work and virtual meetings galore, it means lay-offs, reducing hours, and even taking bites out of your budget to keep your business afloat. At Centrus, we understand that things are difficult right now and these financial challenges require tough choices to stay above water, but there is still work to be done when this is all over. We want to help your agency with the work you have and to survive COVID-19 long after it ends.

Here are our top survival guide tips to help your agency during and after COVID-19:

1. Create a Plan of Action

It is important that in urgent situations, agencies determine the best, worst, and moderate scenarios that could occur and identify the specific challenges that their customers and company could experience in each case. Agencies should then define a plan of action for each scenario and next steps. Creating a long-term plan that looks towards the future can help an agency prepare for worst-case scenarios and the steps they need to take to avoid them.

2. Rely on Content Marketing

With the rise of social distancing and lack of people holding events, walking the streets, or for that matter leaving their home, people are spending more time online and consuming more content which means there is a greater chance of seeing or interacting with ads online. The use of social media is a keyway to utilize digital marketing and engage target markets that are consuming relevant content to your agency. In addition, emphasizing ethics and highlighting support for local businesses and the surrounding community in content marketing will improve engagement and your agency’s reputation.

3. Communicate with Your Audience

Communicate with your target audience in a personalized and timely manner to let them know of any updates with your agency and changes that may be happening. Keep a clear line of communication open and be constant with your messaging channel. Email marketing automation is an ideal way to reach your target audience and create successful marketing campaigns that will keep consumers engaged with your agency.

For more information on how we can help your agency survive COVID-19, contact us through email or social media.