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3 Steps to Success with Account Based Marketing

Account Based Marketing is the most effective solution for attracting and keeping high-value customers. For a refresher on what exactly ABM is, check out our previous blog post here. Setting up ABM can seem complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. Here are 3 tips for implementing successful ABM campaigns.

Deliver Personalized Content

Personalized content forms the foundation of Account Based Marketing.¬†Look into the needs of each individual decision maker in the account you’re aiming for. For example, perhaps the CEO, CIO, and CFO all need to sign off on your product: how can you effectively sell to each of them? Under ABM, it’s easy to tailor your marketing content for each of those accounts. Content for the CFO can focus purely on the financials of your product, while content sent to the CIO might focus on ease of implementation and reliability.

Unite your Sales and Marketing Teams

In an Account Based Marketing campaign, the line between sales and marketing is blurred. To create a seamless experience for your customers, it’s important that the sales and marketing teams are working together. Your sales team can work off of marketing-approved campaigns and content to smoothly transition customers towards closing the deal. Conversely, your marketing team can take feedback from sales to further personalize its content.

Do Your Homework

It’s important to do your research on high-value leads and to leverage that information in your marketing efforts. Good market intelligence data is a must; the more you know about a customer’s needs, and the more that knowledge is reflected in your marketing content, the more confidence the customer will have that you are the correct choice. What’s more, with your sales and marketing teams working together, you will constantly have new feedback and information available to personalize your content more and ultimately improve your sales figures.

For more information on account based marketing, download this free PDF.