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Utilizing Google Ads is one of the most effective ways to get in front of your customers

It’s important to be in front of your customers right when they are searching for a solution like yours. While the Google ads interface may be friendly, there are a lot of tricks to truly optimize your conversions and spending. Don’t waste countless hours and budget trying to figure out the right technique. Our specialist can help you plan, build, and execute a winning ad campaign to get you in front of your audience.

Reaching more people is possible

We are experts at fine-tuning paid ads so that they are actually reaching new visitors that have an interest in your product or service. We stay on top of the ever-changing landscape and manage all of the technical details. This means that your costs will be lower and your leads will be higher.

Cookieless Targeting

Yes, you read that right! Our Google Ads experts have paired with the data experts at KnoWhere to develop a pinpoint targeting method, that we call Hyper-Targeting, which plugs into the Google Ads platform.  With the cookieless world ahead of us, let’s make sure your targeting, conversions, and ROI don’t get hurt.

Keyword Research

Our specialists will provide extensive keyword research showing you what your customers are searching for and how much you may need to budget to reach them. All in a fully customizable report so you can choose a plan that fits your budget and goals.

Google Ads Platform

Our specialists are ready to work with your team in any capacity needed. From ads consulting to fully managing your instance, we are here to help you implement your plan and reach your goals.

Analytics & Reporting

Want to constantly know how your Google Ads are performing? Our specialist will provide reports and summaries on how your ads are going, as well as suggestions to help improve them moving forward.

Google Ads Grant for Non-Profits

At Centrus Digital, we love helping nonprofits. If you qualify for the nonprofit Google Ads Grant you can access up to $10,000 per month of ad spend.  Our specialists have extensive experience helping nonprofits like yours learn, set up, and maintain their Google Ad grants giving them a greater reach.

“When Centrus took over, they more than doubled our utilization of the grant in the first month and increased it almost seven times in the next six months.”

– The Music Hall, Monte Bohanan, Director of Marketing & Communications