CRM & Marketing Automation

All-In-One CRM & Marketing Automation

Are you outgrowing your current software?

A Full Marketing Automation Platform

All of the CRM features SharpSpring has to offer already makes it a great tool. To pile even more on top of the CRM and low cost, SharpSpring is a powerful All-in-One Marketing Automation platform. With one tool, you can develop a deep relationship with your prospects. Sending them the exact information they need at the exact time they are looking for it.

Marketing with SharpSprings CRM & marketing automation allows you to forge rich relationships, and by developing a deep connection with your customers, your business will be discovered by more leads, driving sales and perhaps ROI. For the first time, your business will have the resources to connect with each customer on a one-on-one basis.

Built-in CRM or 3rd Party Connections

SharpSpring is a very powerful marketing automation tool, but one feature that makes SharpSpring stand out is it also has a built in CRM (Client Relationship Manager) with its own set of very useful sales features.

How could this get any better? The CRM tools are included in the already low software price! Still, if you prefer to use your own, SharpSpring offers a variety of connectors.

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Just A Few of SharpSprings Features

  • Smart Mail
  • Custom Deal Stages
  • Bird’s Eye Pipeline
  • Social Notes
  • Reminders
  • Lead Scoring with Decay
  • Life of a Lead
  • Reports
  • Email Automation
  • Dynamic Forms
  • Dynamic Web Content
  • VisitorID
  • Social Media Management
  • A/B Testing
  • Behavior Tracking
  • Campaign Optimization
  • Chatbots

Priced better than the competition

Are you outgrowing Mailchimp or Constant Contact?

Often companies start out with these more simple options, but as they grow they either run into software limitations or start to get charged even more. One example is Hubspot, which is great marketing automation and CRM system, but each piece of the full system costs extra.

If you are looking to upgrade to more capabilities, but don’t want your marketing automation costs to jump to extreme highs, SharpSpring through a certified agency is the middle ground. As a certified SharpSpring partner we are able to provide the software for a lot less than other platforms that offer so many features, allowing you to get the full power of a CRM & MA system without the giant price tag.